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Funding Options

Funding your in-home care

Figuring out how you're going to fund your care can be just as important as finding the right provider.

NLG Social prices for personal care depend on the level of support you require, so it is best to contact us for a personalised quote. Call us today on 01482 60 60 40 (Option 3) or request a callback. Once we have spoken over the phone we can arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation in person – at your home, hospital or residential home – so we can confirm the final plan and price. You can be assured of clear and simple pricing which is easy to understand with no hidden fees or charges. Request a quote.

It’s commonly thought that receiving tailored care in your own home is way beyond the stretch of most pockets, this is a misconception and simply isn’t the case any longer. Ways of funding the care you need to stay in your own home longer are varied and change all the time, with the majority of funding coming from the public domain, care at home is fast becoming an increasingly popular option and one enjoyed by more and more people wanting to stay out of residential care.

As the different methods of funding care at home grow, it can often seem like a confusing topic, however; by carrying out a little research and utilising free and varied resources available, your options quickly become clear and much easier to grasp.

Let’s have a look at the two most popular ways of funding care at home.

NHS funding - continuing healthcare (CHC)

NHS continuing healthcare is the name given to a package of care which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals who have ongoing physical or mental health care requirements and have been assessed as having a "primary health need". You can receive NHS continuing healthcare in any setting, including your own home. The care you receive will be provided free of charge.

For most people considering applying for NHS continuing healthcare, the first place to start is by asking your GP, a hospital discharge team, or someone else closely involved in your healthcare, to arrange for an assessment to be done to determine your eligibility.


To be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare you must be over 18 and have substantial and ongoing care needs. You must have been assessed as having a "primary health need", which means that your main or primary need for care must relate directly to your health.

Eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare does not depend on:

  • A specific health condition, illness or diagnosis;
  • Who provides the care;
  • Where the care is provided.

If you have a disability or have been diagnosed with a long-term illness or condition, this does not necessarily mean that you will be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare. Your eligibility will be based on the outcome of an assessment. For more information about assessment click here.

Personal Health Budget's (PHB)

Anyone who receives continuing healthcare funding can ask for a Personal Health Budget (PHB).

A personal health budget is an amount of money to support your identified health and wellbeing needs, planned and agreed between you and your local NHS team. The aim is to give people with long-term conditions and disabilities greater choice, flexibility and control over the healthcare and support they receive.

Personal health budgets work in a similar way to the personal budgets that many people are already using to manage and pay for their social care.

Public funding (local authority)

You may very well be eligible to receive help with funding your care at home from Government via your local authority. This process usually starts with you requesting a free Care Assessment completed by your local social services department.

Once this is complete, the next stage would be for the local authority will arrange a Financial Assessment to establish if you are eligible to receive financial support to help provide what you need.

Private funding (savings or assets)

If you do not qualify for local authority funding towards your care needs, or if for any reason you choose not to be financially supported by the council, you can of course arrange and pay for your care.

Using Savings or Investments

If you are meeting the cost from your savings, you are advised to get specialist financial advice to help you to use your money to its best effect and avoid running out of money for other essential living costs.

However, remember, it is always advisable to get a Care Assessment from social services even if you know that you are going to pay for your care as they will help you firstly decide on what care is needed.

Using your Home or Property

If you own your own home, but do not qualify for council funding and cannot raise sufficient funds in other ways, equity release could be a solution.

There are two different types of scheme

  1. a lifetime mortgage which is based on raising a loan against the value of your home, and this is eventually repaid when you move out or die;

  2. a home reversion plan, under which all or part of your property is sold to a home reversion company.

Most reputable equity release schemes carry a guarantee that any accruing loan will never exceed the property’s value and you would be allowed to continue living in your home. Depending on your circumstances, it might be better to take a regular income or “draw down” facility rather than a large lump sum on which you will pay interest from the outset. Alternatively, a single lump sum might be released to buy a care fee payment plan which could provide regular income to pay for care.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) for England

We are fully regulated by the: Care Quality Commission (CQC) for England

The service you receive from NLG Home Care is fully and independently regulated, inspected and rated by the Care Quality Commission.

We welcome and comply with the registration and inspection and auditing process that regulation brings.

We steadfastly believe that this pledge of transparency and quality can only drive the best possible experience for the partners, parents and children that we support and care for.

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